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25 years of proven success in wound care (Ref).

Expertly designed with the help of clinicians and patients (Ref), the unique construction of the ALLEVYN range alleviates the time and budgetary strain of complex wounds to improve patient comfort (Ref) and reduce healing time (Ref).

Greater efficiencies for your staff and budgets.

  • Use up to 7 days, reducing nursing visit time by 50%* (Ref).
  • Visible exudate assessment reduces dressing changes by up to 64%* (Ref).
  • Absorbs and locks away harmful exudate, even vertically, increasing wear time by 92%. (Ref).

More confidence and comfort for your patients (Ref).

Uniquely designed with a deep understanding of human tissue.

exploded diagram
  • Discretion layer locks away exudate (Ref).
  • Reduced odour and leakage for greater confidence (Ref).
  • For use up to 7 days with low-tack silicone, reducing frequency and trauma of dressing changes (Ref).
  • Even pressure distribution for increased comfort (Ref).

To prevent and manage wounds in acute and chronic settings:

Acute wounds: including MDRPUs, oncological, first and second degree burns, donor sites and skin tears (Ref).
Chronic wounds: including pressure, venous and diabetic ulcers, epidermolysis bullosa (Ref).

Used prophylactically, as part of your pressure ulcer prevention programme, ALLEVYN LIFE can save you time and money (Ref).

ALLEVYN Life and ALLEVYN Classic dressings are available in a range of sizes and variations across a number of acute and chronic indications and settings.

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